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Leveraging ‘The Matrix’ – Digital Ecosystem Dynamics and Strategies

Like roads, telephones and electricity in the 20th century, an ever more capable digital ecosystem is becoming the underlying business infrastructure of our time.  Whereas in the past each major industry sector had its own vertical 'stack' of processes and systems, firms must now leverage 'horizontal' capabilities that are used across many industries.  These new capabilities are radically transforming many aspects of business and society, and will only get stronger over time.

In this report we refer to this emerging set of services as 'the Matrix', and we explain how the Matrix is now challenging huge swathes of the global economy.   Those firms that effectively leverage these emerging capabilities will likely experience the greatest future success.

Watch a video which describes the effects the Matrix is having on global business and how leading organizations should tackle the challenges it brings.


Executive Summary

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David Moschella
Research Fellow
David Moschella, based in the United States, is a Research Fellow for Leading Edge Forum.  David's focus is on industry disruptions, machine intelligence and related business model strategies.  He is the project lead for our 2017 research into Disrupting ‘The Professions’ – Scenarios for Human and Machine Expertise. David was previously Research Director of the programme. David’s key areas of expertise include globalization, industry restructuring, disruptive technologies, and the co-evolution of business and IT.  David is the author of multiple research reports.  His most recently published reports include Embracing 'the Matrix' and the Machine Intelligence Era (March 2016) and The Myths and Realities of Digital Disruption (September 2015). An author and columnist, David’s second book, Customer-Driven IT, How Users Are Shaping Technology Industry Growth, was published in 2003 by Harvard Business School Press.  The book predicted the shift from a supplier-driven to today’s customer-led IT environment.  His 1997 book, Waves of Power, assessed global competition within the IT supplier community.  He has written some 200 columns for Computerworld, the IT Industry’s leading publication on Enterprise IT, and has presented at countless industry events all around the world. David previously spent 15 years with International Data Corporation, where he was IDC’s main spokesperson on global IT industry trends and was responsible for its worldwide technology, industry and market forecasts.