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21st Century Human Podcast – Episode 4

Welcome to the 21st Century Human podcast with your host, Bob Barker, and guest contributor, Christina Hammond-Aziz, Chief Digital Officer of the Food Standards Agency.

In Episode 4, Christina shares her interest on the wide influences of digital, and also in the context of food, how it is produced, manufactured and sold, plus how specific technologies such as 3D printing may have an impact.

In this podcast series, we discuss what it means to be a 21st Century Human, interview key executives, and ask the important questions such as:

  • How do we ensure technology works for us?
  • How do we cope with the sheer volume of data we are surrounded by? How do we begin to manage our lives when we are surrounded by ubiquitous technology?

As we share in our 21st Century Human Upgrade Programme workshops, executives need to become 21st century humans first, before they can become 21st century executives.

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