25 July 2012:  The Study Tour is now FULL and we are operating a wait list for any cancellations.  If you are interested to attend the Tour and would like to be added to the wait list, please complete the registration form and we will be in touch.

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This year’s Study Tour will focus on The Future of Do-It-Yourself TechnologyThis topic arises from our work on Preparing for a Post-PC World and our report on The Future of Retained IT – Repositioned at the Front of the FirmIn that report, we review three models by which IT can look forward and add value.  One of them is the Do-It-Yourself model, where IT’s key role is to deploy the platforms, agents and clean data that employees will use to meet their own needs in the way they choose.

n the past we have written about employees who were increasingly double-deep – expert in both the business and key parts of IT.  However, as we look forward, we think the nature of double-deep is changing.  Future double-deep employees are unlikely to become ‘deeper’ through something like learning to program in C#.  They will become deeper by learning to make effective use of platforms such as Salesforce – and these platforms are likely to work with agents, not just drag and drop.  We see possibilities with the launch of capabilities such as Android’s Voice Actions, Apple’s Siri and Cluzee.

These platforms and agents are evolving quickly and taking advantage of new mobile and post-PC technologies.

At the same time, double-deep employees outside IT have access to many options (as the picture of the multi-armed gentleman suggests).  The job of IT includes making it easy for him to make use of the most appropriate platforms and agents for the job.  To do that, we need to update ourselves on the latest and impending innovations in platforms, agent technology, big data, mobility and post-PC devices.  And we need to learn how to train staff in their best use – to make sure our double-deep employees don’t resort to the hammer to try to solve their problems.

Increasingly, IT organizations are looking to reposition themselves for the future and at the front of the organization, not just delivering back office systems.  Understanding the future of Do-It-Yourself Systems will be vital to that change.

As you will see from our findings from last year’s Study Tour, our tours are a unique opportunity to learn what market leaders are doing and suppliers are planning. 

Places on the tour are limited, and I encourage you to book early.  If you wish to reserve a place or have additional questions, please contact Jane Kingston by email or by telephone on +44 (0)20 7015 6829.